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Platycerium is very difficult to grow from spore- requires specialized experience in fern propagation. This person knows the average person will not have success and is profiteering off people's naivety. If you are going to sell fern spore you need to explain the procedure and sell more than ten spores at a time what a joke that's like 10. Superbes fougères graphiques, les platycerium bifurcatum, alicorne et superbum demandent des soins spécifiques. Suivez ces conseils pour sa culture bio en appartement, son rempotage, ses parasites et. Platycerium superbum 綺麗な草姿 長年栽培していると草体の大きさに限界を感じて挫けそうになるが、こんな画を観ると再燃する!.

Here is an example of an over grown over weight Platycerium superbum. When this image was sent to me this fern was 35 years old. I told rebecca that the old growth needed to. Botanical Name: Platycerium superbum. Description. The staghorn is one of the most prominent and stunning features of our native rainforest. They are epiphytic and adorn the treetops with their spectacular foliage, they can also be lithophytic which means growing on rocks. Platycerium grande, ‘Regal Elkhorn Fern’, ‘Moosehorn Fern’ Platycerium grande. Source: robertlafond2009. At one point, Platycerium grande was considered to be a subspecies of Platycerium superbum. However, the grande originated in the Philippines, and its dangling fronds tend to be much narrower than the superbum’s. Platycerium superbum, es una especie de helecho perteneciente a la familia Polypodiaceae, nativa de Australia, en Nueva Gales del Sur, norte de Nabiac y en Queensland.Tiene hábitos de epifita y se encuentra cerca de los cursos de agua. Platycerium ridleyi Staghorn Fern Species Fresh spores seeds Thailand Asia.

11/09/37 · Platycerium wandae. Origin. New Guinea. Description. This large fern produces enormous sterile fronds, like a large battle shield, with forks off of the top edge. The fertile fronds have two lobes with long fingers hanging down off of their lower edge. In between those two lobes, on the underside of the frond is a large spore patch. Staghorn ferns propagate by spore or division. Large Platycerium can be easily divided into smaller plants, and even small "chunks" that include a leaf and a bit of root ball can be potted individually. Make sure new divisions are kept warm and moist until they are growing independently. Don't get discouraged if newly cut divisions take a little time to root, or if it takes a few tries. The staghorn fern, or Platycerium superbum, is an epiphytic large fern that grows well in sub-tropical to tropical areas, and in sheltered spots in temperate areas. The fern is native to rainforest areas of northern NSW and Queensland, where it grows on trees or sometimes on rocks. Jan's Platycerium Ferns specializes in rare Staghorn ferns. Jan's Platycerium Ferns. 1,757 likes · 80 talking about this. Jan's Platycerium Ferns specializes in rare Staghorn ferns. Dwarf Platycerium Superbum "Cabbage". Jan's Platycerium Ferns. February 8 at 12:52 PM · Platycerium Ridleyi. See All. Videos. Greenhouse. 22. 5. Waterfall. 18. 2.

Staghorn, Platycerium superbum - Plants Australia.

Platycerium est un genre de fougères épiphytes de la famille des Polypodiaceae. Les fougères de ce genre sont souvent appelées « cornes de cerf » en raison de la forme de leurs frondes. Le genre est épiphyte et originaire des régions tropicales d'Amérique du Sud, d'Afrique, d'Asie du sud-est, d'Australie et de Nouvelle-Guinée. 10/11/35 · Platycerium Species, Staghorn Fern Platycerium superbum by BayAreaTropics Sep 5, 2014 1:47 PM. Orange County, California. Irvine, California- some snail damage. Staghorn Fern in Queensland, Australia, January 1992. Staghorn Fern in Queensland, Australia, July 2001. Sherman Gardens specimen, under lath house. Fern Factory - Fern Factory offers a wide variety of ferns, Tree Ferns, staghorn fern and and tropical plants staghorn fern care staghorn fern mounting how to grow ferns.

Platycerium superbum. Species. Scientific Name: Platycerium Desv. Polypodiaceae superbum De Jonch. & Hen. Related Plants 'Whitelockii' Nursery Availability. Platycerium andinum May 6, 2018 沖縄、海洋博公園・熱帯ドリームセンターのビカクシダ Feb. 2, 2018 アンディヌムへの道 Jan. 28, 2018. Platycerium superbum. Hojas tipo cuerno de arce. Su forma muy original cubre la maceta dándole otra visión al entorno. Condiciones ideales: Suelo húmedo, muy bien drenado y con sombra parcial; clima húmedo, tropical o templado cálido. 焼杉板に付け替えしたよ♪Platycerium superbum(プラティセリウム・スペルブム)はオーストラリアのクイーンズランド州(東部)、マレーシア諸島の標高0〜750メートルの熱帯雨林に分布している大型のPlatyceriumです。.

Platycerium ‘Larry Weed’ DNA work showed this plant to have P. alcicorne as a parent, and the influence of P. madagascariense is obvious. So, this is a hybrid of P. alcicorne x P. madagascariense. It is very likely this arose from a Madagascar form of P. alcicorne. Platycerium superbum, better known as the Staghorn is a solitary epiphytic fern, it does not grow in colonies. Found on trees, fallen logs and rocky outcrops in sheltered rainforests of coastal NSW and Queensland where the conditions are shady, warm and humid.

07/03/38 · Platycerium bifurcatum, commonly known as the staghorn fern or elkhorn fern, is a modestly cold hardy subtropical epiphyte native to eastern Australia and parts of the the East Indies. Though no species of the genus Platycerium can be called truly cold hardy, this species is capable of handling temperatures down to 27 F -3 C with minimal. This is an insecticide I use safely on ALL platycerium ferns. IT works like a dream. Does not effect the fern and should not kill it. I had used it on small seedlings and pups and have had noting but good results. Platycerium superbum is a bracket epiphyte naturally occurring in and near rainforests but is now also widely cultivated as an ornamental plant for gardens. In both naturally occurring and propagated forms, these ferns develop a humus-collecting "nest" of non-fertile fronds and in.

Platycerium superbum syn. P. grande Végétation: Superbe étagement spiralé de frondes stériles dressées et plissées comme des jupons, atteignant 1 m de diamètre. Plus ou moins lobées, vert luisant, elles tendent à entourer le tronc de l’arbre hôte. ビフルカツム(Platycerium bifurcatum) ヒリー(Platycerium hillii) スパーバム(Platycerium superbum) ベイチー(Platycerium veitchii) ウィリンキー(Platycerium willinckii) プラティケリウム ヒリー Platycerium hillii. プラティケリウム ベイチー Platycerium veitchii. ③南米系. Elkhorn Fern. Platycerium bifurcatum Cav. C.Chr. Platycerium bifurcatum, the Elkhorn fern, occurs naturally in New Guinea, and along the coasts of Queensland and New South Wales.It is cultivated in many countries, it has become naturalised that is, it has spread into the wild in Florida, and it has been listed as an environmentally invasive species in Hawaii. Platycerium superbum de Jonch. & Hennipman APNI. Description: Bracket epiphyte, rhizome hardly branched. Sterile `nest leaves' often 60 c. or more diam., the upper part spreading, wedge-shaped, the margin deeply and irregularly lobed, remaining green for.

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